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He then heard an infant crying. Xiao Yu’er even thought of probably marrying her. 10.0/10 from 2 users. 10.0/10 from 2 users. And Yu’er was a bit of a trial with her because he was not taking her self-importance seriously. As Mr Feng promised he insisted that Wu Que accept the gift as a sign of gratitude for all he had done for her daughter and her intended’s family. She quickly found out that Yu’er was so wily that she ended up drinking the drugged water herself. Mereka pertama melihat satu sama lain sebagai musuh tetapi secara bertahap menjadi teman dan akhirnya … She was made a hostage which allowed Qin Zi Ling to get away. Facebook Twitter E-mail Reviews & Commentary Add a Review User Reviews. They pack a little something for Xiao Yu’er including a tonne of gold leaves for money. Fitur ini masih dalam proses. The little fish reassured her that she would go away and never die in her place. Murong Jiu forced Gu Renyu to do it. Tie Xi Lan drugged him so he doesn’t muck up the job she had to do. How can Murong Jiu not be there, unless they were looking at the wrong place? Snakeman, who was really Lord Bishe finally showed himself when Yu’er said that if he did not appear soon, he would swallow the treasure map. From: Wikipedia . After a while, he felt really hot. 10.0/10 from 2 users. She was able to overpower the gang in no time. But as soon as he saw the Zilling generation board draped in red wedding ribbons, he went mental and destroyed the board. © Global Granary, 2020. Legendary swordsman Yan Nantian seeks the man responsible for Jiang Feng's demise and arrives at Wicked … Jan 16, 2020. Hu Yitian Chen Zheyuan Liang Jie Vicky Liang Tay Ping Hui Nikita Mao Gallen Lo Song Wenzuo Jin Song Jason Zheng. He said that he should allow the young couple to get married as they love each other. As Jiang Feng puts it, one looks like Yuenu and the other looks like him. This episode was straight out of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. Miss Jiu made Renyu promised that in case Little Fairy failed to kill Yu’er then Renyu had to kill him, otherwise Renyu is not welcome at the Murong Manor anymore. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Handsome Siblings menceritakan sebuah kisah tentang saudara kembar yang tidak menyadari keberadaan satu sama lain dan perjalanan mereka untuk menjadi pahlawan seni bela diri. When Xiao Yuer was just a boy, a masked woman ninja had told him that his real father was called Jiang Feng and that he was killed by Yihua palace and he must take revenge on them. Then she slipped away when she wanted to hide, but found it by accident Murong Jiu and Gu Renyu are talking in secret. (Source: Netflix) Handsome Siblings Episodio 10. It was a treacherous trek to the Wicked Canyon as whoever goes there will never return dead or alive. Begin Again (2020) Episode 12. It was just that she was injured and couldn’t beat her hard. Another all-time favorite gets a remake after more than a decade! Murong Jiu said that instead of saving people, she wanted to kill people, but was stopped by the little fairies. But he fell in love with one of the palace maid, Yuenu, and made her pregnant. Coming Soon. Black Spider 44 episodes, 2020. Samwang said that it was in revenge of Wu Que’s murdering all innocent people at another inn. She looked after him for ten years and had healed him from his illness using her power and energy. Gu Ren Yu 44 episodes, 2020. Action, Adventure, Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance. Download Handsome Siblings (2020) Episode 7 Hardsub Indonesia, Nonton Online Handsome Siblings (2020) Episode 7 hardsub indonesia, sub indo, ... Shao Yun - Murong Jiu Guest Role Sarah Zhao - Yue Nu . It turned out that Mad Lion might be her father. He was rather naive and trusted everyone and believed in giving second chances even to those who did him wrong against the better judgment of his two female bodyguards. Zhang Jing couldn’t help but slam a small fish, and Tie Xinlan took the whip for him, causing serious injuries. Jan 16, 2020. Handsome Siblings (Upcoming/TBA) : Jang Feng is a handome young martial artist. After a while, they continued on with their journey to meet Brother Yan, who at that time met a servant who told him that Jiang Feng had some travel technical difficulties so they should meet at San Sheng Temple instead. Handsome Siblings (2020) 绝代双骄 Episode 8 Recap. Zilling’s father was too much so wu Que said that he might as well kill him and be done with it. Jan 17, 2020. At this time, a woman who claimed to be Nine Girls arrived, rebuked him for spreading wild ground in her own realm, and the Snake King hurried away. He ended up at Miss Jiu’s bedroom where he heard her talking to Renyu to arrange for the Little Fairy to be ready and waiting outside the manor when she throws out Yu’er. Aunt Lian Xiang, came to visit the Hua Wu Que in his manor. Handsome Siblings (2020) 绝代双骄 Episode 22 Recap. Bin Zhou . He always thought that the little fairy was a good person. Fortunately, she had not married him, or she would have become a widow. Wu Que said that it was Qin Zi Ling of Quanshan Clan. The first room had the secret pills that Mis Jiu had concocted. This was now 18 years since Jiang Feng and Yuenu were killed. He fought with the ‘owner ‘of the sword. The father was so desperate to get the board back that he agreed to the marriage finally of his son to Bai Yu Feng. The Duyou Sword is gone. When he woke up, he was tied up in beef rope and met all sorts of strange villainous characters like the Tomboy, a pretty woman who can talk like a man. On his way to search for his target with his two sidekicks, they met Samwang, who told them that Jiang Xiao was currently in a dilapidated inn just outside the town. The Proud Twins is a Chinese-Hong Kong television series directed by Wong Jing, starring Dicky Cheung, Nicholas Tse, Fan Bingbing, and Yuan Quan.The series is adapted from Gu Long's novel Juedai Shuangjiao.It was first broadcast in 2005 in mainland China. Handsome Siblings. Was the little fish interesting to her at first? Apparently Tie Xin Lan had something that everyone including Zhang Jing, wanted to have. Wuque comes to Xinlan's aid. Poor Zilling blamed himself for his father’s suicide so he cut his throat as well. Murong Jiu stopped Zhang Jing and asked if she was really spared twice. Bai Yu stood in front of the soon to be father-in-law and begged Wu Que to cease and desist with the killing. Fitur ini masih dalam proses. Now, Lian Xing was gutted. Yu’er almost disinterestedly asked who the owner of the map. Dowload Drama China Handsome Siblings Subtitle Indonesia. Storyline. Murong Ji was very angry when he heard it, and the little fish continued to make fun of Murong Ji. Jan 16, 2020. They, but Gu Renyu was unwilling. Yuenu got into his soul. Character Map Viewing Calendar Let us know why you like Handsome Siblings in the comments section. She was Lady Lian Xing of Yihua Palace. The little fairy retaliated to the other party. She has n’t killed anyone in this place for a long time. Su Ying and Murong Jiu, originally two different characters in the novel, were combined as a single role (played by He Szu-min) in the series to add a touch of creativity. He had grown into the spitting image of his father, Jiang Feng. Aunt Lian Xiang took Wu Que to see Lady Yaoyue, who like Lian Xiang, was taken aback by how Wu Que looked so much like Jiang Feng. He went into the room immediately and surprised to find Miss Jiu in a very uncomfortable position. The board had been there and was a pride of generations of righteous heads of Qi Family. The little fish quickly swallowed it. Little Fairy / ... 44 episodes, 2020. Handsome Siblings is a 2020 Chinese drama about twins who are martial arts masters. It was supposed to let Gu Renyu Yan guard the little fish. She was like a girl. And in three days, she and Qin Zi Ling will get away to travel the world. Brother Yan is still in a semi-comatose state in a warm herbal vat of water. Asked Murong Jiufang why she was murdered before she was rescued. Fitur ini masih dalam proses. In fact, he ate all the pills that he could find. Xiao Yu’er declined and said that he can be his disciple instead. Stephen McCarty of the South China Morning Post's Post Magazine noted that despite the story being adapted multiple times, this rendition was a "visual feast" and compared it to "Cirque du Soleil meets Journey to the West". This time they were able to really injure Jiang Feng and Yuenu. Murong Jiu believes that he has not set foot in rivers and lakes, otherwise he is the first. document.write(' '); Global Granary Copyright © 2020 Powered by Wordpress. Jue Dai Shuang Jiao. Enter your email address to follow this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. 10.0/10 from 1 user. They agreed to meet at Qi Zilliang’s clan manor at the early hours of the morning. He found another locked door where cold air seemed to be coming out. Handsome Siblings Episódio 1. Gu Renyu stopped Zhang Jing. The World Health Organization is advising people to follow five simple steps to help prevent the spread of COVID-19: 4. Chinese Drama, 2018, 24 eps. Chao was heavily criticised in the media for being a "third party" as Gu Long was already married. The little fish encountered an incarnation of a snake called the king of snakes and asked him for a treasure map. Yu’er laughed dismissively about a treasure map. Hope he improves during the course of this drama. Tie Xi Lan said that it was a treasure map. Meanwhile, Xiao Yu’er was so happy to be out of the Wicked Canyon, he was free. Episode Baru! They were about to kill the twins first but a powerful martial artist suddenly descended upon them. They ended up fighting but again Miss Feng was there to intervene. Cast. Tie Xinlan also spoke for Xiaoyuer. The woman sneered, saying that there was nothing that Sister Murong could not do, and she knew that Xiaoyuer was using the radical method. Jan 16, 2020. But when he had finished eating all the food, fatty suddenly told him that it was drugged and any moment he will feel the effect of it. Fitur ini masih dalam proses. Zhang Jing’s name was too disrespectful. Mereka pertama melihat satu sama lain sebagai musuh tetapi secara bertahap menjadi teman dan akhirnya … A weird love triangle forms, where Black Spider is hopelessly in love with Murong Jiu who is in love with Yu-er. The doctor in charge of Wicked Canyon asked the villains to allow him to experiment on Brother Yan. Handsome Siblings (2020) 绝代双骄 Episode 22 Recap. Xiao Yuer asks them who is the best in the world. Yu’er removed all the posters showing the different positions for the training. He was their tortured baby. Handsome Siblings menceritakan sebuah kisah tentang saudara kembar yang tidak menyadari keberadaan satu sama lain dan perjalanan mereka untuk menjadi pahlawan seni bela diri. I hope this drama will pick up the pace because at the moment it is on the tad boring. Zilliang then appeared, also all bruised and bloodied and it looks like he also received some form of punishment. He believes that there was something intrinsically good in everyone. After such a toss, Xiaoyuer’s skill would be greater increase. The little fish was getting hotter on the road. Lian Xiang does realise why her sister was so vengeful. She immediately ordered Yuenu to kill herself if she wanted Jiang Feng to be saved from his fatal injuries. China. The C-drama was very entertaining from start to finish. Help us do more work. In order to prevent Murong Jiu from being recovered, Xiao Yuer took Murong Jiu and the Black Spider soldier to flee in two ways. He had 10,000 herbs to test which someday might even save the villains’ lives. Unauthorized use and/or duplication of this material without express and written permission from this site’s author and/or owner is strictly prohibited. The novel is about a pair of twin brothers who, because of a feud between two formidable martial artists, were separated at birth and raised on opposing sides. Wu Que was an old romantic, so he decided to seek longer hospitality from Master Feng and stay for a few more days to see how the elopement of the young couple would pan out. Handsome Siblings (TV Series 2020) - Full Cast & Crew - IMDb Really bothered me at first but then I saw Hu Yi Tian with his flowing locks and whiter than white hanfu and then he started flying all over the place with his sword and before I knew it I started really enjoying this first episode. Murong Jiu took over, and only the little fairy was her opponent. Poor Bai Yu started believing that she must be truly an evil woman so she should not remain alive. Excerpts and links may be used, provided that full and clear credit is given to the respective author and Global Granary with appropriate and specific direction to the original content. Wuque comes to Xinlan's aid. We’re asking you to help support this website that your support will help us work on website. Handsome Siblings is a Chinese martial Art TV Shows now available on Netflix. Handsome Siblings (2020) Nonton Download Streaming Drama China Handsome Siblings (2020) Subtitle Indonesia Komplit Full Episode 1-44 Sub Indo 360p 480p 540p 720p 1080p HD. Master Feng had ambitions for his daughter. She was advised to seduce Mr Hua. Zhen Wang . With her at the Murong mansion was Gu Renyu as a prospective suitor. Handsome Siblings. The first episode was released on Jan 16 2020 and the last episode was available on the 27 of Feb 2020. Tie Xi Lan was looking for Tie Zhan, One of the Ten Great Villains, Mad Lion. She made him realised that there was a difference between love (for Yuenu) and gratitude (for Yaoyue). But when he opened the case it was empty. Anyway, the father in law seemed impressed with the girl that he allowed himself to be ushed to the wedding room. Master Feng went ballistic. Tao Hiu told him off for leaving her and not have someone to barter for good for him, ergo, he was taken advantage of. Xiao Mi Mi 44 episodes, 2020. Read 052 from the story THE LEGENDARY TWINS / JUE DAI SHUANG JIAO a.k.a HANDSOME SIBLINGS - by Gu Long by The_Sword_Lady (Wuxia Nu) with 110 reads. If you enjoy what we do, please support us on Ko-fi! Miss Feng said they had plans of eloping but they had to fulfill their filial obligations first. Xuanyuan Sanguang 44 episodes, 2020. Anyway, Bai Yu Feng finally eloped with Qi Zilliang. She said to her sister that it should have not ended hat way. Download Handsome Siblings (2020) Episode 4 Hardsub Indonesia, Nonton Online Handsome Siblings (2020) Episode 4 hardsub indonesia, sub indo, ... Shao Yun - Murong Jiu Guest Role Sarah Zhao - Yue Nu . She introduced that the woman was the oldest of the sisters Murong, except this one. After all, she killed a few wicked people, but she didn’t expect such unreasonableness, and the woman really became fast. Tie Xin Lan promised Yu’er that he will return but he had to help Tao Hui first. Lian Xing felt so sorry for her sister. There are a lot of people. Yu’er told her that he knew everyone at the Canyon as he grew there. Yu’er said that whoever owns the manual will become the strongest person in the world. The distance between love and hate is nothing at all. Mereka pertama melihat satu sama lain sebagai musuh tetapi secara bertahap menjadi teman dan akhirnya … Jin Song . Then Tao Hiu came by to asked Xiao Yu’er to save her family as bandits had arrived to kill everyone unless someone called Tie was produced. For whatever reason, there seems to be only one picture of Chen Zheyuan as Xiao Yuer in the recent batch of stills, and it’s not even a solo pic. The rivers and lakes called it a jade-faced beast. The Villains actually felt rather sad to see him go. News of Gu Long having an affair with Chao Tzu-ching surfaced when the series was being aired in 1977. Handsome Siblings (Upcoming/TBA) : Jang Feng is a handome young martial artist. Dr Wan asked Xiao Yu’er if he remembered the person who told him that his father was Jiang Feng and that it was Yihua Palace who instigated the death of his parents. Jiumei, the other sisters are all married to Wulin family or young heroes. Handsome Siblings menceritakan sebuah kisah tentang saudara kembar yang tidak menyadari keberadaan satu sama lain dan perjalanan mereka untuk menjadi pahlawan seni bela diri. Handsome Siblings is a 1992 Hong Kong wuxia film adapted from Gu Long's novel Juedai Shuangjiao.The film was directed by Eric Tsang and stars Andy Lau and Brigitte Lin. Spider got caught later trying to find her he probably couldve escaped but jiang yulang the tiger one of 12 zodiacs with him as back up. Handsome Siblings features a cast of rising stars led by Chen Zheyuan (Hello Dear Ancestors), Hu Yitian (A Love So Beautiful), Liang Jie (The Eternal Love Season 2) and Liang Jingxian (Autumn Cicadas). Jiang Qin was a ward of Jiang Feng. Once he got injured due to an accident and was rescued by the sisters Yaoyue and Lianxing of Yihua Palace, who were considered the most poweful women in the martial arts world. As it is, she was already very cold and hard-hearted. Zilling’s father finally turned up and was about to kill everyone but by this time Wu Que had freed himself of debilitating poison. Mr Feng asked Wu Que to check the sword. Shao Yun – Murong Jiu Wang Zhen – Zhang Jing Song Will – Black Spider Bingo Zhou – Gu Ren Yu. The look of anger was much better than the usual cold look. Wei Mai’s men caught up with the black spider and started a fierce battle. (Source: Netflix) Handsome Siblings Episódio 2. The two blamed each other and complained. verystar January 21, 2020 Leave a Comment. Twelve Zodiac bandits ambush martial artist Jiang Feng and his lover, Hua Yuenu, a palace maid who gives birth to their twin sons. Tahun. Sinopsis Film. Murong Jiu had to admit that Xiaoyuer had eaten his elixir. One is Brother Yan and the other two were from Yihua Palace itself: Lian Xiang and Yaoyue. Jiang Feng was engaged or probably even married to YaoYue of Yihua Palace. But not quite far away because he ran into Wu Que. Wu Que knew immediately that they had been poisoned and ordered that the least they move the poison will not travel to their system quicker. Yu’er swallowed the map but snake-man said the snake was not his only expertise, he was also good at cutting up people. Yaoyue reminded Lian Xiang what she did for Jiang Feng. He managed to convince Zilling’s father to make up with the in-laws by giving them the antidote,  but he would not agree to it so Wu Que ordered his assistant to forcibly take the antidote from the father. Asked Tie Xinlan’s identity, she even spoke for Xiaoyuer. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. The gang suddenly appeared. She is also well known for her medicinal herbal knowledge. Rumour has it that this drama is slated for 16 January 2020 showing. Donations will go towards our hosting and new content. Let’s practice SOCIAL DISTANCING AND SELF-ISOLATION. Saudara kembar dipisahkan satu sama lain saat lahir dan dibesarkan dalam keadaan yang berbeda. The Proud Twins is a Chinese-Hong Kong television series directed by Wong Jing, starring Dicky Cheung, Nicholas Tse, Fan Bingbing, and Yuan Quan.The series is adapted from Gu Long's novel Juedai Shuangjiao.It was first broadcast in 2005 in mainland China. Then one day one of the maids disappeared and Jiang Feng with her. Tie Xi Lan finally confessed to Xiao Yu’er that the thing that everyone wanted was actually not with her but with her friend. ( Log Out /  Tanggal Rilis: Jan 16, 2020 - Feb 7, 2020 Jam Tayang: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday Episode: 44Eps Durasi: 45menit/eps Status: COMPLETE … Xiaoyuer accused Zhang Jing of being ridiculous.

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