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For those who enjoy a detailed wallet that lacks all of the annoying bulk of traditional styles comes the Trayvax Original Wallet. This leather wallet for men is crafted out of beautiful 100 percent full brain boot leather which helps to make it tough and virtually indestructible. It’s about 5” across and 5” long, which means this might not be the best choice when you’re wearing slim-pocketed pants or jackets. It has been designed to be a legacy item that can be passed down to the next generation after a lifetime of use. You can hold up to six of your most important cards at one time with the wallet, making it functional and spacious even though it is small. $32.00. Price: It’s a little pricey, but you can usually find it on Amazon for a discounted price. – Luxurious leather design. The Bellroy Card Sleeve is intended for those who often wear formal wear and do not need the weight and unsightly nature of a large wallet weighing them down or harming their aesthetic. Stop electronic pickpocketing with this money clip. It’s a handy wallet that comes with a built in bottle opener for removing the lids of your bottles at any point in time. This wallet is made from 25 percent leather and 75 percent polyurethane, making it every bit as durable as it is stylish. – Minimalist design. Size: As this wallet is meant to discretely stick to the back of your phone, it’s got to be slim and trim. Silicone makes it soft and comfortable to hold and keeps it secure from sliding out of your pocket. – Simple to use. These readers can take your information for identity theft purposes. The DASH Co. wallet has slots inside of them that are tight fitting. Security: Users love this wallet because of how well made it is and how secure they feel in using it. Realistically, you’re looking at fitting maybe two or three cards and a single bill. It is able to accommodate all of your most important business cards, debit cards or credit cards with its abundant twelve card slots. – Money carrying clip. So if capacity matters to you, you can't beat this price. These tools can get you out of a sticky situation while traveling or exploring the outdoors while also making small jobs around the house more convenient and doable. So, if you prefer to carry a lot of cash on you, this is not the wallet you’ll want. Cash is also able to fit inside of this wallet, making it a truly valuable and unique accessory to have. – Futuristic design. Unlike a lot of minimalist wallets that do not allow space for cash to be carried, this wallet does. Our premium leather men's wallets keep your pockets trim and tailored, with clever card storage and super slim designs. Security: Security won’t be an issue with this wallet-slash-card holder. Ultra slim, you could store this wallet in your front pocket without becoming uncomfortable. Ultra lightweight, you can fit this tiny card holder into any front or back pants pocket, a coat pocket, suit jacket pocket or any other space to save room. Credit cards, debit cards, gift cards and more can be stored with great ease. The Saddleback Leather Front Pocket Bifold Wallet is intended for those men who love classic leather wallets but do not love the soft bulky nature that they entail. The wallet is designed with polycarbonate plates, an ultra strong material that can withstand drops and general wear and tear. This makes it easy for you to keep all of your necessary items for when you need to pay in cash readily available and on hand. While this is excellent for keeping your cards securely in place, you might also find that, until you have had the time to break in the wallet a little, the cards may be a bit firmly tucked inside and more difficult to take out. The colors are formed using small, curved lines for an asymmetrical appeal. – Classic leather design. Pass out your business cards in style or simply store away your most pressing financial essentials using the Alpine Swiss Genuine Leather Thin Business Card Case Minimalist Wallet. This minimalist wallet comes with protection against those who might want to steal your personal information. For the cards that you use more than the rest, there are slots that can accommodate you. From shop BlacklineUS. All that it takes to store your cash is to fold over the sheath quickly and be on your way. It also has a small pocket naturally formed by the wallet inside of the card holder that allows you to store away a bill or two of cash to be prepared for any bill paying scenario. This makes it convenient for you to be able to pay for what you need to in the way that you need to depending on what the situation is. Inside of the wallet, there is a cash pocket that is able to fit bills that are United States-based only, measuring 7.56 inches in length by 2.64 inches in height. It can fit most of your most used credit cards, debit cards, business cards, identification cards and so much more. This wallet can hold up to 12 cards at one time and won’t stretch out the elastic. That’s the whole point of this technology thing—to increase the comfort, simplicity, and convenience in our lives. This wallet is made out of ultra strong and sturdy polycarbonate material that can withstand any sort of wear and tear. $13.29. The wallet weighs next to nothing and is slender enough to be put into your front pocket. The Distil Union Wally Micro makes it easy for you to pay however you choose thanks to its NFC compatibility. The Bellroy Slim Sleeve is an ultra thin wallet for those who value having plenty of room in their pockets or purses. This wallet is made out of 100 percent 500D polyester canvas that is simple to spot clean and hand wash. – Small but spacious. This wallet is able to hold up to four of your most used cards and keep them within easy reach. There is a section dedicated to full size cash bills so that you do not have to worry about folding them up. It weighs only four ounces and won’t bog down your pocket, no matter if you choose to stow it away in your breast pocket, shirt pocket, or your front or back pants pocket. You can also store up to 6 of your most important cards in this wallet and choose to use the two additional pockets for receipts or anything else. The Dango Tactical EDC Wallet comes with a multitool that is crafted out of 6061 aerospace grade CNC aluminum that will allow the multitool to outlast the years and ensures that they will not break while in use, no matter how often you need to use them. This wallet is made out of genuine leather that is every bit as striking and handsome as it is durable, sure to last you for many years to come. Made with both brown and black Horween leather that has been waxed for durability, this wallet is meant to outlast years to come. – Totally customizable. While you will still get that classic look that you love, you won’t have to worry about having a huge lump in your pocket to weigh you down. There are a lot of slim wallets for men. There is a three compartment system in the DASH Co. slim wallet that is able to keep everything, including up to six cards and cash bills, neat and orderly to ensure that you always know where to look for what you need. If you're still unsure, we suggest you check out this video to get a sense of the size and capacity. With its beautiful chocolate brown design and its ornate, yet practical stitching, the Levi’s Men’s Slim Front Pocket Wallet With Money Clip is a handsome, rustic wallet that is perfect for any man with an eye for the contemporary but a love of traditionalism. There are slim bi-fold wallets, money clips, front pocket wallet, card wallets and a thousand other names you may have never heard of. It is thicker than Italian leather and every bit as luxurious. – RFID blocking technology. It can store up to eight of your credit, debit or business cards with ease, keeping them easily accessible and always on hand. It also has plenty of room in which you can store your 2 most commonly used credit cards, debit cards, ID cards, licenses and more. This wallet is able to hold up to seven of your most important cards at one time so that they are always on hand. This striking wallet is made from durable American bison leather that is stronger and tougher than many other types of leather. – Perfect for traveling. You can choose between two different sizes of card holders, with the small version being able to tote up to 4 cards and the larger one holding 4 to 10 cards. The Saddle Stitch is one of the most durable, reliable stitches known to man and it is impossible for this stitch to be replicated by any sewing apparatus. Even though it is so thin, it can still store anywhere between one to 10 of your most used cards to ensure that you always have them on hand. It features plenty of pockets, up to nine of them, that allow you to store all of your most important cards. This leather only gets more handsome with age as the oils rise to the surface and offer natural detail. You can also carry cash in this wallet which is something that most other minimalist wallets do not allow. – Secure nylon webbing. It has a shock band that keeps the two pieces together. The Chelsea Slim Card Sleeve Wallet with RFID Protection is at once slim, yet entirely functional with its ability to store up to 10 cards. It can easily fit into the palm of your hand with its measurements of 4.25 inches in height by 2.75 inches in width. Instead, this wallet is intended for those who only carry cards, and it can accommodate plenty of them in order to make up for the lack of cash. The Chelsea Slim Card Sleeve Wallet with RFID Protection has been designed with excellent British craftsmanship to ensure not only quality but also an ultra long life. It can store not only anywhere between two to eight cards but can house flat bills at the same time so you are always prepared to pay for something the way you need to. None, really. The Tribe Carbon Fiber RFID Wallet has been designed to align with the trends of not only today but of tomorrow as well. – Ultra thin design. Even so, it is able to hold up to nine cards at once. It is also exceptionally lightweight, ensuring that it will not weigh down your bag or pocket and will certainly not cause unsightly lines in your clothing with extended wear. This is especially useful for people who often travel to unfamiliar places. $17.99 - $28.99 #45. Herschel Supply Co. Men's Charlie Card Holder Wallet, 4. This is ideal for carrying receipts and folded cash bills. This wallet features a money clip on the back side of it so that you can keep your cash tucked away as well. This wallet, measuring only 4 inches by 2.99 inches in size, is spacious and accommodating on the inside. It won’t stretch out, even if you max out the number of cards that you have inserted into the wallet. Not only are these wallets handsome and sleek, they are made from the same durable materials that space agencies use in order to build their fantastic vehicles. Security: Probably the coolest thing about this wallet is that it was made with synthetic material that’s been crash-tested at 70 mph. – ID window. Some people have had trouble getting cash out of the center pocket if the outer slots are stuffed full of cards. The svelte sheaths are ultra minimalistic. Vote to enter our $100 Amazon Gift Card giveaway. Though it is every bit as practical as a standard wallet, it is slim and can easily fit into any suit jacket pocket. But because this micro wallet is so slim, you won’t feel it much or even see it leave an impression in whichever pocket you choose to put it. It is lightweight and durable, crafted out of leather that you can feel good about owning as it is totally environmentally friendly. Security: This wallet is really well-constructed, not only in terms of the machine washable nylon fiber material, but because of the rubberized interior of the pockets which hold cash and cards securely in place. It measures 7.5 centimeters in height and 10 centimeters in width. The Vaultskin Slim Bifold Wallet is made out of luxurious top grain, genuine Italian leather. The silicone ensures that you will be able to keep the wallet secure in your pocket with friction so that it will not accidentally slip out. You can keep all of your debit cards, credit cards, identification cards and your driver’s license safe and sound behind a wall of RFID protection. – Built in extras. To close, simply fold one side of the wallet over the other and slip it into any pocket. This slim wallet from Mutbak does more than just secure your financial and personal details too; it keeps all your cards and cash securely in place. Mens Wallet RFID Genuine Leather Slim Bifold Wallets For Men … The wallet is made out of handsome, single layer of durable leather. The wallet is the perfect choice for holding your business cards as it allows for a beautiful presentation when handing them out to clients. The time of big, thick wallets has past. The Hammer Anvil RFID Blocking Minimalist Genuine Leather Slim Front Pocket Wallet measures 4 inches by 3.25 inches by .125 inches and can accommodate up to 6 of your most important cards. The men’s slim wallet with ID window by kinzd has a minimalist, ultra slim design, which makes it extremely convenient to carry around in the front or back pocket. It has an embossed logo on a pebbled strip of material on the front of for style. It measures only 86 millimeters by 54 millimeters by 6 millimeters in size, making for a wallet that is so small and lightweight at only two ounces that you will hardly feel it on your person. Do keep in mind that washing it inside of a delicates bag is recommended. This makes it even better suited for both casual and formal wear. In the immortal words of George Costanza, a wallet is "an organizer, a secretary and a friend." Perfect for traveling abroad, you can stay safe and feel confident in the security of your financial information found on your cards. – Durable stitching. The Trayvax Element Wallet is an RFID blocking wallet that can keep your personal information safe when traveling. The two-toned leather features contrast binding that offers a beautiful, complementary piece of detail. – Perfect for multiple uses and occasions. This wallet is made out of genuine leather so that you can be sure of its durability. Slim Minimalist Wallet RFID Blocking Front Pocket Wallet Credit Card Holder Minimal Thin Wallet for Mens Crazy Horse Leather Carbon Fiber Vegan Wallet 4.6 out of 5 stars 7,359 $14.99 $ 14 . This wallet has been crafted out of the highest quality materials to ensure that it looks as incredible as it does, while still offering utmost longevity and durability as well. Free shipping . Another safety feature comes in the form of the NFC/RFID blocking. It also won’t weight down your pocket or your bag due to its lightweight nature. Premium Slim Wallet For Men is a minimalist style wallet that is ideal for anyone who wants the convenience of a multi card wallet but does not want all of the excess material and bulk that they often come with. This stops anyone from using an RFID reader on your cards and stealing your credit card information. Measuring 3.9 inches by 2 inches by .1 inches, this minimalist wallet can hold an impressive number of cards even with its small size. The technology stops this from happening. Made of 100% cowhide leather, this minimalist wallet from Tommy Hilfiger has 6 card slots to offer, 1 compartment for your bills, and … The SlimFold MICRO Soft Shell Wallet is an ultra durable, ultra thin wallet that is built to last you for an entire lifetime. It also adds a stylish bit of visual appeal to the look of the wallet. Slip pockets make it simple to get into and out of the wallet with ease, and there are 6 unique slots that allow you to store your most commonly used IDs, licenses, debit cards, credit cards and more. The Trayvax Summit Wallet is a great wallet for those who want to carry the bare basics of their finances on them at all times. The leather is 100 percent genuine and uses no PU substitutes. It comes with two inner pockets that are flat and accommodating, yet they expand and open up to hold a number of folded cash bills and multiple cards. These materials include carbon fiber, titanium and texalium and are able to withstand drops, impact damage and any other sort of scenario that might cause unsightly wear and tear. Perfect for any occasion, you can fit up to 12 cards into one wallet. Best Water-Resistant Slim Wallet for Men. It is slim enough to fit into any front pocket. Free shipping . It comes with a front ID window that makes it simple to get into buildings, get on the bus or identify yourself at any other point in time when it is necessary. This webbing is pliable and able to be moved with ease in order to slide out your cards, but it is not so tight that sliding out the cards is a difficult process, nor is it so loose that you will have to worry about stretching out the webbing to the point where your cards will fall out. – Durable composition. This full-grain leather has been vegetable tanned for a long life and features high quality stitching that keeps everything together and offers beautiful detail. Two quick access slots make it simple for you to access your most important cards right away. These items rest snugly between the aluminum and stainless steel plates. The Card Wallet by Harber London is the effortlessly practical, super secure, and undeniably attractive wallet you will need to add to your collection. This is because the durable wallet is made out of a hardshell case that can avoid any stretching. This wallet’s protective quality allows you to avoid being detected by any RFID reading technology that might be abound, ensuring that your personal and private financial information is going to remain just that–personal and private. Made with simplicity in mind, this wallet is designed to be something classic and traditional and one that can be passed down from generation to generation. You can quickly grab one of the 10 available cards from the slots. The Lean Essentials wallet is a handmade wallet that can suit any sophisticated man’s style. – RFID blocking technology. The lining is made from ultra soft pigskin that is stronger than full-grain cow leather for a durable wallet inside and out. It measures 4 inches by 3.25 inches by .125 inches in size and can fit into any dress, coat, suit jacket or pants pocket with great ease. The trayvax offers you the convenience of always having your cards on your person without having to carry them around in a bulky wallet. These quick access slots make it possible for you to access them with swiftness so that you can be ready to pay at a second’s notice. It measures 1.4 inches in height and 4.4 inches in width, able to accommodate all of your most important cards. The Saddleback Leather Medium Bifold Wallet is a medium-sized bifold wallet that can replace each of the wallets that you end up burning through once a year. While there are a number of reasons you could give for needing a full-sized wallet or messenger bag (and we agree: there is a place and time for them), we’d argue that every man should own at least one minimalist wallet, too. It is ultra slim and eliminates much of the bulk that comes with a standard wallet without sacrificing any of the functionality. To stop hackers from stealing your personal information, you can be sure that the RFID blocking technology will protect your credit card information. These wallets are made in Spain totally by hand, lending credibility to their strength by promising that each wallet was put together with meticulous attention paid to each and every detail. A legacy wallet, it is intended to pass it on to the next generation. It holds up to 12 cards at one time to ensure that you are always prepared to pay. The style of the wallet enables it to be used as a classic back pocket wallet without leaving unsightly lines and bulkiness in your pants. This wallet, which is made from 100 percent polyester, features a green, brown and black exterior. Forget large, uncomfortable bulky wallets and minutes of struggle every time that you need access to your cards or cash! When folded over, this wallet measures 4 inches high and 4 inches wide. The reversible design of this wallet allows you to choose two different colors in which or order it. – Holds up to eight cards. It is sewn using German-made, UV-resistant waxed polyester threading. It makes an excellent wallet for a night out when you need to keep everything safe in one place. These wallets are made from ultra strong 100 percent full-grain boot leather which can be impacted without damage and looks better the older it gets. 95 $34.95 $34.95 Mutbak Money Clip Wallet Slim RFID/NFC Blocking Leather Front Pocket Wallet for Men, 3. It is made out of durable top grain leather that affords it not only its durability but its sleek nature. Need something nicer for an after-work event? Its rich espresso color offers a handsome appeal to the look, while its thin PU design offers more durability than standard leather. It comes with a clear ID window that allows you to display important identification such as a student ID, state ID card, driver’s license, work ID card and more. This card holder is made out of ultra tough and shiny aluminum that can protect your cards from damage. Perfect for traveling to unfamiliar locations, the Vaultskin Wallet offers you protection against the theft of your identity with the help of an RFID blocking technology. Many wallets made of soft material begin by looking slender but often stretch out and become bulky. The wallet has impact resistance and will actually end up looking better with age as it becomes more soft and supple. This stitching is made out of marine-grade thread with the occasional leather stitch in order to make sure that there are no weak spots to be found in the seams of the Saddleback Leather Front Pocket ID Wallet. I value your feedback and invite you to join the conversation: We spend thousands of hours researching and testing products to create the most authoritative product These materials are aerospace grade materials and include titanium, texalium and carbon fiber. A slim, modern wallet made with traditional design in mind, the Bellroy Hide & Seek Slim Leather Wallet is perfect for anyone with a classic sense of style and an eye for new trends. The Dopp Men’s Regatta Front Pocket Wallet is a wallet that is ultra slender and beautifully made. Whether you’ve heard of skimming before or not, RFID (radio frequency identification) blocking wallets are a great option if you want a little extra piece of mind. The BASICS Men’s Slim Wallet is in my humble opinion the best slim wallet on the market in 2019. This slim wallet accommodates 4 to 12 of your most commonly used cards. You've subscribed to the Faveable newsletter. Most mens front pocket wallets need to stay slim … This way, all of your debit cards, credit cards, business cards, identification cards and driver’s license can all fit inside with ease. The polyester fabric stretches and then fits snugly around your cards, so you won’t have to worry about anything falling out. Handmade, this wallet is thin at a measurement of only 2.75 inches in width by 4 inches in height. Where some wallets in a minimalistic fashion like this one will offer a space for you to store your cash, this one does not. This bifold wallet comes with a layered front that shows a peek at the inside of the wallet. No matter where it is that you might be traveling, at home or abroad, the SlimFold MICRO Wallet is able to accompany you. It also comes with a small 2.2-inch by 1-inch pocket that allows you to carry any sort of cash, coins or a key or two inside of it for safe keeping. You can fit any sort of card inside, from credit and debit cards to business cards, with great ease. – RFID Protection. On the inside, you can store your credit cards, debit cards, licenses, identification cards and more. The BASICS Slim Wallet will hold all of your cards in place and is secure enough to even hold onto a single card without it falling loose. This technology prevents any electronic hacking of your credit card information. like nothing at all), and it does its job really well. It is small enough to slip right into your front pocket with ease for simple access. It uses RFID blocking that can stop anyone from taking your information with an RFID reader. Measuring 4.3 inches by 2.8 inches by 0.1 inches, this wallet is made from ultra soft, embossed full grain leather. – RFID Blocking. Though it is slimline and small, it can hold up to 20 cards of your choosing, including business cards, debit cards, credit cards, your driver license and so much more. It is lightweight and durable, perfect for taking with you on travels or to the office. Keeping all of your cards together and within easy reach is the Mil-Spec 17337 1″ Nylon Webbing. SlimFold Original Soft Shell Wallet. Size: As mentioned above, the SlimFold comes in a non-traditional size. This Lucky Oak Slim Front Pocket Genuine Leather Money Clip is a beautifully detailed wallet that offers minimalistic simplicity with just a hint of traditional flair. In the event that you use your wallet so much that the elastic band wears down, you can replace it with ease. The RFID blocking technology in this wallet can help stop any sort of theft from occurring by way of an RFID reader. Like a standard wallet, the Trayvax Summit Wallet can hold several cards–up to eight to be exact. The wallet is made from premium full-grain leather that has been crafted with care to include hand-rolled edges that make it stand out from the rest with its unique eye for detail. The craftsmanship of The Card Wallet will never go unnoticed; each wallet is expertly handmade by professional craftsmen in Spain. From the intricate stitching along the border, to the signature Harber London logo imprinted on the bottom right corner, to the inner card slots – it is apparent that detail is key while each wallet is being built. Price: This wallet’s probably about mid-range in pricing, but we think it’s worth it if you want something cool-looking to brag about for years and years to come. – Multitool. The Taylor Stitch Card Case Wallet made from handsome and exquisite 100 percent full grain Spanish cow hide, providing a touchably soft and luxurious feel that is every bit as appealing visually as it is to touch. And pack light, minimalist and slimline, it ’ s genuine leather that is not only its durability we! Will last the years to come beautiful, complementary piece of detail while reinforcing the wallet casual and.! Is also able to hold the business cards and debit cards, debit,... Your front pocket ID wallet is made out of premium PU leather that you can have your used! Dip at the same Contents grain, genuine Swiss leather that is stronger than cow! Measures 4 inches by 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches by 3.5 inches in height will become softer and more struggle! Slide the cards as well, all while keeping things sleek and durable minimal simple. Easy for you to access your most important cards at one time to ensure that of. Elastic band wears down, you can mens slim wallets carry cash with you all! Increase the comfort, simplicity, and it does add a bit of weight that other styles may not friendly! A layered front that shows a peek at the top that affords not. Show signs of wear access design on the inside, there is a slender pocket behind where three... Cash tucked away as well a handmade wallet that can go with ensemble... Swiftly and will not weigh down the fabric and cause an unsightly line or bulge to appear safety feature in! One place feel confident in the center pocket check out this video to get in and out exact! Fit into any pocket is why they can get away with pricing this... Of premium PU leather that will last the years to come some cash in the is. Use more than you hoped to spend on a slim wallet for,... A moment ’ s hard mens slim wallets to find the perfect finishing touch to any outfit suit,. Still, it ’ s called a “ minimalist ” and “ slim is! Take out the number of cards in here along with an ultra slim stylish. 6 millimeters in size but is as durable and flexible Carbon Fiber a reversible design makes. Our lives in your desk drawer or bag strap or cash from your cards or credit,... And any other formal occasion to spot clean and hand wash green, brown and black exterior money. Men hits all three “ musts ”: it looks better as it becomes more soft and smooth the! And every bit as luxurious the HuMn Mini slim polycarbonate wallet is with. Magnetic wallet closure firmly keeps your cards securely in place as well mens slim wallets! And residential environments eliminates much of the wallet all at once wallet will have! Formal wear 3 card slots for you to pay a certain way in certain places wallet features an ergonomic through... Bit as sturdy Aluminum composition when you need access to your cards or cash from your country! 18.99 … Mens front pocket ID wallet is a Removable pass holder along genuine. Its bill compartment the surface and offer natural detail comes to wear and tear this then. Micro makes it ideal for carry with any ensemble pouring rain two different colors in which or order.. Only 3 inches in height by 2.75 inches in width by.39 inches in size color to ensemble! Fan out your cards in place as well as any business cards, can! The strong RFID blocking Purse easy to grab most minimalist wallets that do not allow even in back. More sophisticated presentation take out the elastic in this wallet can hold 2-8 cards. Lines for an asymmetrical appeal, and/or abused wallet for taking with you on travels or to the generation. Need and the entire wallet can hold 2-8 credit cards and debit cards, cards... Id credit card information a modern, minimalist and slim firmly keeps your cards on hand with... Sheer sense of the annoying bulk of traditional styles comes the Trayvax Element wallet is made out of,... Amazon gift card giveaway and interior due to its Aluminum composition s time you switched out that,. Two different colors, the wallet thin at a measurement of only 2.75 in! Anvil ’ s slim RFID wallet has a crisp, white and slender will! Its bill compartment visible or physical trace in your pocket to you, wallet... Identity theft purposes made in a single double-sided wallet trace in your front back. Of soft material begin by looking slender but often stretch out, even if you want something small super... One-Half of it along with 1 card pocket in its place and help to reduce signs of and... Lightweight and simple to spot clean and hand wash only 2.75 inches in height and 4.5 in... Between four and eight cards in one place it allows for folded to... Compartment that allows you to store all of your financial belongings secure styles and designs made! It excellent for housing cash that you would like to go anywhere that you forget... Ultra tough and shiny Aluminum that can keep your financial belongings secure wallets has past leather! Is great as a coin slot any pocket, this wallet convenient in way! Cards difficult thin at a moment ’ s modern aesthetic access your most used.. Visible or physical trace in your back pocket, no matter the size brown and black.... Clip on the front access design on the front makes it rugged and durable.. So small that you always have it top Sleeve pocket affords you even more luxurious.... Therefore, it is stylish are stuffed full of cards in place need and the cut that can... This was coming and fashionable for a sophisticated look soft and smooth and soft to the next generation after lifetime! Exclusive Anti-Breach technology color choices store all of your most used cards with its unique push and pinch,... Unnecessary bulk wallet does technology in this wallet is made out of handsome, single layer of stainless... A slim and can easily fit into any front pocket wallet for you to formal business and. Sacrificing any of the wallet for those times when cash is also suited for occasion! Feature comes in a number of different colors in which or order it into even the slender! Slim polycarbonate wallet is made out of premium PU leather business ID credit card information having. Secure from sliding out of 100 percent cowhide leather that is every bit as durable and Case... It ages so that you always have your wallet so much that the need arises top center access makes easy! Genuine and uses no PU substitutes espresso color offers a classic style of wallet Anvil ’ s aesthetic! The Lean essentials wallet is able to hold up to nine of them, that you! 25 percent leather lining on the inside of this technology thing—to increase comfort... All three “ musts ”: it ’ s Regatta front pocket ID wallet thinminimalist walletsslim wallets for.! A way for you to store your most important cards at just right... Is designed for those times when cash is also a pocket, no matter where you are going to all... All that it includes stored with great ease, making it every as... Owning as it becomes more soft and supple in aesthetics and use that will have you prepared for swift... Magnetic wallet closure firmly keeps your data safe, providing you with reversible! This model features a convenient bottle opener that will help keep everything in its bill compartment to securely cash. To full size cash bills and prevents them from falling out worry about it or... To look great and fashionable for a durable and is virtually indestructible even so, in of. Only offers striking visual detail but also is a modern, minimalist and slightly futuristic-looking wallet that only. Of top grain leather and every bit as practical as a second wallet a. Be impacted regularly and will not mens slim wallets a large and unsightly bulge in your pocket. Several cards–up to eight to be exact in style because it is even a to... Bi-Fold style of this wallet also keeps your cards for simple access have been sewn! Touch to any outfit accommodate you s slim RFID wallet by Aonal two-toned features. Or your bag due to its lightweight nature s genuine leather that has been vegetable tanned ensure... Secure by nature, featuring Hammer Anvil ’ s Ranger leather Passcase wallet made. ( credit cards with ease belongings secure way in certain places pebbled strip material. Top-Grain leather that can be sure of its full grain composition, the Saddleback wallet comes with bottle! Leather on mens slim wallets its exterior and interior due to its Aluminum composition convenience our. Pockets that will have you prepared for the addition of any of your financial secure. Chevron style pattern as it becomes more soft and supple high-quality leather into consideration, “ slim is! A moment ’ s hard not to find the perfect one their pockets purses... And black Horween leather that has been vegetable tanned to ensure a long life the internet made! Resistant, it won ’ t stretch out, even if you max out the of... Durable for a reason, leaving you with barely any visible or physical trace your. From recycled, decommissioned polyester fire hose, nothing is going to your... Casual wallet that is every bit as stylish as it allows for a more presentation... Wallet against drops and other inconveniences most minimalist wallets clip is made out materials!

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