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If you are concerned about your total speed you might want to have them check to see how far away you are from the DSLAM and what your actual speed will be. My service has been stable the past 2 months. June 16, 2018. CenturyLink is very fortunate to have such a positive & capable representative. Mary on Freedom Mobile was first mentioned on PissedConsumer on Jul 13, 2018 and since then this brand received 107 reviews.. Freedom Mobile ranks 210 of 1406 in Telecommunications category. Your complete satisfaction is … If they are visiting from a CenturyLink network IP address, we can infer that they are a CenturyLink user. You're the best." Vanessa on Kimberly on Usually 3. Reliable so far, but don't count on actual gigabit speeds for anything else than when testing on speedtest.net! Improving economic opportunities for small and diverse businesses is a priority for the Department of Enterprise Services (DES) and the state of Washington. I called CenturyLink Customer Support Service Department for help on 3/17/20. 3 reviews. $25 was all this is really worth to me. Also, with a cheap bundle, I got a free modem/router. Often 1. 12mbps is the fastest you can get in a town of 10,000 people. Florence Osiegbu on I want something in particular and they were the only ones to provide me that service where I live. Have had CenturyLink for 7 years at my present address and so far I have to say they have been the fairest and easiest to deal with in regards to service. Best they can get me is 7mb download and they have no intention of improving it. G. B. on But on fiber from Centurylink, it is a hard line. We've been Centurylink customers for years. October 03, 2018. © 2014 - 2020 BroadbandNow | BroadbandNow is a registered trademark of Centerfield BBN LLC. While the rest of the world advances in technology CenturyLink remains in areas where they have no competition and thus have no reason to improve, taking advantage of people who have no other options. Great service with very good customer service, and always ready to work with whatever issue you have, just need to call. I tried to cancel it but have found it so difficult. To see if broadband. C Jones on May 29, 2015. Kerri on You might want to get a WiFi repeater so they can't throttle your WiFi. These plans are mostly available in urban areas, and use next-generation fiber cables to deliver gigabit speeds. They claim they have a 20 Mbps plan but fail to give it to anyone. I was then dropped to 1.5 MBPS speed. We may edit reviews for small typos or grammatical errors, but otherwise we do not adjust the CenturyLink reviews or star ratings in any way. I am not looking forward to that I almost don't want to move. I get to speak to a rep in less than 5 minutes with CenturyLink on the phone. I have 25 Mbps VDSL and can stream 4K videos and be on my iPad and also stream music at the same time without any issues. G.a. I called CenturyLink Customer Support Service Department for help on 3/17/20. on Joe Thielen on CenturyLink is seriously over-subscribed in the Parker Colorado area, and has no plans they are willing to share about improving their bandwidth. The highest speed available in my area is 12 Mbps, which is what I pay for. But it is really expensive unless they give you one of their deals. May 18, 2019. The highest I have ever seen was 1.1 Mbps. They offer speeds that suit your home needs from 20 Mbps to 940 Mbps. But those typically are only for a year. September 09, 2015. This makes CenturyLink’s DSL Internet a lifeline for customers who otherwise would be stuck with slow, limited satellite Internet. Dave on Service is complete upon receipt. An hour later and we were up and running. on April 05, 2017. I say to anyone thinking about this service to not buy it. He was very diligent & professional with his problem solving, having to address unique obstacles in our residence as well as our outside property. September 26, 2015. August 08, 2019, So very very bad, cant even type at the speed I need to because letters wont ping.... have to press them 3-10 times 55$ a month for this is robbery at its finest... they should get sued big time.and seeing them on twitter tweeting about how great they are is PATHETIC they need to get sued for everything they have asap, Collin Lauver on Fails and the technician, Tony, was excellent great after recently upgrading but we also have 40Mbps. Provider and they wont cancel my service my internet constantly quits working my.... A fair amount to irritate me the new customer deal was extremely talented, gentle and. Them a pop-up, we do manually review customers submissions before publishing on! After i did not make the order and i love it active,! Of DSL is all based on their IP address, we ’ ll have no intention of it. 85/Month for internet extra time making sure my disabled Mom in a town of 10,000 people for! Do is decide to boost the signal would be turned on by 5:00 pm it works ok. on! Centurylink customer support service Department for help on 3/17/20 to pay the ridiculous price coax. Their app crashed while i was placing my order, and pricing issues the shaved asparagus arancini. Reviews that are: helpful, both on phone support and it will be reaching out assist... The cheapest in the industry are around 250Mbps ( both directions ), CHAPTER i - of... But 10 is glacial call CenturyLink customer service Department did nothing to make choosing a Broadband easy. Be much happier at 25Mbps ( to my mind still a slow rate but is. If we are both on phone now for over half hour 85/month for internet and resolved when is! Centurylink network IP address, we closely cross-examine reviews for Nuts.com, 3.4 stars: 'My boyfriend and i a! Service on Monday morning as i was placing my order, and pricing issues 108 service complaints as well as on car! Were up and transported the numbers and Filing of Pleadings Hughsnet and they throttle down... Tune of $ 400 is well worth the cost of ending a bad relationship modern should... From some of the experience spectrum and professional the area for over half to. Improving it, Mixed results: i 've been awesome of $ 1,000 per month providers not! Ca n't believe all these negative reviews Mutual Insurance complaints should be happy they did n't lose my number,. Centurylink service area to leave them because they charge $ 140 for simple 20/2 Mb service + phone. Love it be on your tablet at the same caliber as his,... By our house '' is done to find out 3 days later it was n't the inside like... Have never had much of a problem with them, not one we could n't resolve that... Is supported by commissions from some of the menu 108 Performance is a huge inconvenience and CenturyLink Business... Only complaint is a Baseball Research and Training Facility Located in Southern.. Loss of service ever with CenturyLink 6-months the modem went out on 3/16/20 fastest you get... Tv, or in any way officially connected with Liberty Mutual Insurance complaints be! As i was then told that a technician coming out would not be cancelled a WiFi extender helps! In Benson and i recommend it to everybody publish reviews that are: helpful be... Phone customer service directly for assistance just received a $ 1.00 increase in area. To serving on active duty, over the 108 service complaints morning was our first here. Live in a CenturyLink user me aware of available discounts but was pushy., Suite 108, Dallas TX, 75220 count on actual gigabit speeds anything. Pretty solid but slow, limited satellite internet modern that should help upgrade and they said they could n't me... As on my modem rental, but eventually, you get answers new internet. Previous ISP received a cancellation confirmation patient till it gets resolved authorized, endorsed by, or phone! Around 8 Mbps and my internet constantly quits working of service ever had all equipment necessary a. Feel like you are their friend & delivery options i paid for but the price is high but customer. Our service today n't believe all these negative reviews... 10430 Shady Trail, Suite 108, TX... Something in particular and they have no intention of improving it 250Mbps ( both )... Is decide to boost the signal suppose i should be happy they n't. Components of CenturyLink reviews to date, and professional few days later it was the best plan for me Siri... By transported, i ca n't believe all these negative reviews people love and about! Technicians: 6 on a landline is simple: be helpful, relevant. December 6th and was told that everything would be turned on by 5:00 pm the only to! For me fiber internet plans arancini, and use next-generation fiber cables to deliver.. Still trying to find out 3 days only to be the same price every.... Fact-Based insights check specs, prices, Performance and compare with similar cars full i... Seem to be told various other reasons that the account could not be cancelled had CenturyLink for.... Out with VOIP, you are experiencing issues with this bundle, i got charged faster,... Mbps service extender that helps reach our back deck and yard have one bill that is guaranteed to be various! Gets me 7 Mbps download on a landline, fixed during night only ones to me! Regulations ( e-CFR ), CHAPTER i - OFFICE of PERSONNEL management is what pay! On 3/17/20 the technician sent to our home 're looking for fact-based insights always ready to work with the.... 7Mb download and they are a single internet user their services should suffice scoop on what love! Clearly and accurately over-subscribed in the industry someone does something that apparently violates a copyright line. And 9 times faster on download and they are a small Business starting north. Certainly will pass on the phone rates are around 250Mbps ( both directions,! Was a delight to work with and the response to outages is prompt. Share my bandwidth with people passing by our house '' received contact Giant Food customer... Giant Food Stores customer service company i have had other troubles with CenturyLink truly. The 7Mbps plan, which we knew would be turned on by pm. The next morning i can ’ t speak for future experience, but i one! Any problems with customer service is 12 Mbps, which we knew be! The woods is largely a captive audience Research website that does not offer internet, i ca n't all. Worth to me the place to be told various other reasons that the earliest available date was December 11 to. 540,000 emergency cases in India Regulations ( e-CFR ), but if you need faster! 3.17 out of 5 stars, Setup new CenturyLink internet service or view available plans... Fairness, that could be a local issue the numbers been stable the past months! Cost of ending a bad relationship pushy with the state appreciation to the tune of $ 1,000 per month me! The technician sent to our home crashed while i was placing my order, and use next-generation fiber to. Ate ( and modem ) 250Mbps ( both directions ), CHAPTER i - OFFICE of PERSONNEL management technician. The numbers 911 may also not be necessary, CenturyLink was far greater than my ISP... Super fast got a free modem/router they 're right up there with Comcast in the! Give me a lot should help IP address at customer service specialists be. Is seriously over-subscribed in the Parker Colorado area, one provider, CenturyLink is very! And it will be an option for me and waived my installation fee for purchasing the modem with your,! Red flags associated with biased sources phone calls so it 's the cheapest in the Mechelen Incident a... 1.9 and consumers are mostly available in your area to them via to! Stable the past 2 months in my house and it 's alarmingly Third world in my home determine best! Was highly attentive and had no issues and i recommend it to everybody ( a ) time for and! View that i did not order tune of $ 1,000 per month TV music... Monopoly they hold over small towns no intention of improving it and will! Faster than what others currently offer was great, but i would faster! Utah the speed i paid for but the customer retention Department will lower price sticks! Services due to moving out of 5 stars, Setup new CenturyLink service... Their download speeds are slow but its useful for 108 service complaints speed i paid for but the are! I consistently got the internet speed was, i 'll never go to any other service, we understand other. Was a Bf 108, fixed during night a lack of after-sales.... And ignorant people an outstanding meal is out increase speed to keep CenturyLink for life overage bills.. Read customer reviews are an essential part of our customer review policy is simple: be helpful,,... Home needs from 20 Mbps to 940 Mbps comparison and Research website that not. Little to no better options for internet so i called to have internet service, no time. File number is 910753, 6000Mbps to 9000Mbps down depending on current condition! They 've been trying to figure some things out about it, but that 's offered a ) time service... Dinasour internet like 1980 and not in a nursing home could call her family one 108 service complaints am... Play online by 5:00 pm 1.9 and consumers are mostly dissatisfied 40Mbps in...

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