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This policy applies common standards to all academic departments and programs: A-range grades (A+, A, A-) shall comprise no more than 35 percent of grades earned in undergraduate courses and no more than 55 percent of grades for junior and senior independent work. You would have problems ensuring that tests in both years have the same level of difficulty, but surely it is worth looking into? All grades are carefully scrutinized by Department and Faculty Boards of Examiners before they are submitted to the Board of Undergraduate Studies and the Board of Graduate Studies for approval. 3. Kiasuism is necessarily a bad thing Superstitions aside, students correctly know that the bell curve does affect them in some way or other. Looking at that average is significantly easier for the adcoms than looking through your entire transcript grade by grade. First Class is 3.5 - 4. This applies to students who matriculated in or after the academic year 2018/19. Imagine everyone graduating with first class honours at NUS – What will employers think of our graduates? Grading System in Open University. Even grading is less subjective. Can I conclude the grading system? Still, the current trend is an increase in transparency, which is markedly different from what is the case in the country at large. There are many interesting suggestions, and I briefly highlight brief comments as follows: #1: Thanks, Jon, the CAP for graduate students is more to get them to take course work seriously. A good exam paper will create a spread. It is ironic that while you are demanding transparency, you spurn an effort from us, via this post, to provide this veritable transparency you so desire. However, there is no perfect instrument, especially, when we need to apply to thousands of students. So biasness in exam should not be the reason why bell curve is used. So why not learn to be adaptive? In reverse, If we were to consider a scenario where someone who has taken H2 Physics but is majoring in Mathematics were to take a Physics related GEM, say, on the applications of Newtonian physics on orbital mechanics, I’m quite willing to bet that I would not have a chance beating said student in that subject, since my Physics training stopped at H1. Singapore GPA calculator Grading Scales: Singapore-Cambridge GCE "O" Level Examination. My coursemates, who largely didn’t take Physics at all, would fare even worse. In conclusion, I hope that this post has given a better picture of how the bell curve works at the NUS, and hopefully this helps to alleviate some bell curve anxiety. During my time, the assessment was mainly quizzes, and exams, which were in my opinion difficult as I have difficulties in retaining knowledge and applying them in a test based assessment. And because of the need for differentiation, many institutions from North America to Asia, use the bell curve as a mechanism to moderate marks. Should I try to learn under the fierce professor, or the lenient one? Please note that all Bitlinks are public but anonymous; therefore, use at your discretion. Ø Do not operate the engine at high idle for more than 5 minutes. I hear about it on the grapevine every now and then, but I am unable to objectively verify the claims. We will take immediate action to counsel and guide our colleagues appropriately. First, grade moderation already incorporates some elements of absolute grading, i.e., you need to meet a minimum requirement for an A, or for that matter, any grade. In order for the counterargument to take hold, it requires acceptance of the premiss that “there will be a chance that everyone in a batch for a module will be so good that they will all deserve to get an A”. Rest assured that the return of exam scripts, among other things, are issues that I have been and will continue to look into. If the intake each year is roughly homogeneous in ability, it is possible. Examinations are supposed to act as assessments of learning. Just seeking your views on this, though it may not be related to this topic at all. The Grade Point Average (GPA) system applies to students admitted to the School of Humanities and Social Sciences in AY2004-2005 and all students admitted to Year 1 with effect from AY2005-2006 and direct entry students admitted to Year 2 with effect from AY2006-2007. Does it mean that if I have a cap well above 4.5 but a B+ for thesis/fyp, i am not considered a first class student? Do you really believe PhD candidates are much better than us, given that they may only receive up to 4 more years of education? Is it justifiable for us to change for the environment or do you think that it is better for the environment to change for its students? My compliments to him and his team. There are no two ways about it but to ensure that our CE students are competent in both. Die meisten britischen Hochschulen nutzen ein Degree classification system.Die First Class honours, auch First genannt, ist darin die höchste vergebene Bewertung für Studenten, den nur etwa 10% erreichen. I chuckled when I read this article:   Desperate undergrads pray to ‘bell curve god’. (Am I the only undergrad reading PhD comics?). #16: Thanks, Douglas, for sharing the story of Steve Smale. A 'C' grade in the US is approximately a 3.0 in the German system but would be considered just about average by US employers and colleges. Year 1 and 3 Admissions. I am trying to experiment with getting our Honours students to do a practicum – teaching Year I students in the same major. Even for large classes, if the professors provide good reasons and convince us that students have learnt, we would be happy to accede to their request. The perpetuation of transparent systems requires responsibility from both sides – we, as people who run, maintain, and reform the system need to communicate to the students the rationale for certain traits that exist in the system and justify them, but the students, if sincere about introducing meaningful reform, need to be responsible in their use of language as well. BUSINESSES. I am from the science faculty, and have heard “90%-true rumors” from seniors on which professors to try to avoid, because getting an A- or above from those professors is close to impossible. I think this is unfair to those who have worked so hard for three years only to be disadvantaged by the bellcurve in their fourth year. Thanks, Douglas. While the rest were using the Grade Point … So Many Students Want to know How NU Prepared GPA From Any Subject Marks. Below is the grading system … Kim: To challenge the prosecution’s case that he had altered Ko’s grades, Tey argued that the NUS marking system was a “collaborative effort”. Be it political or school grading. This means, Academic CGPA 3.00 to 4.00 = 1st Class; Academic CGPA 2.25 to 2.99 = 2nd Class For such scenario , why is it not possible that the school gives everyone the same grade since everyone is good at the paper? 21 Lower Kent Ridge Road Singapore 119077 +65 6516 6666; [email protected] SINGAPORE — The National University of Singapore (NUS) will be increasing its proportion of students graduating with an honours degree. For example,  some modules belonging to special programs in the various Faculties/Schools have their own distributions. You may also read the National University GPA/Grade System.. In terms of a cost/benefit kind of ratio, this approach is superior to the current system from our (students’) point of view, and doesn’t bring with it as many drawbacks for the lecturers as full result disclosure might bring. Understanding local […] We do monitor teaching performance. Further checks are conducted at the University level by the Board of Undergraduate Studies and Board of Graduate Studies to ensure that there is consistency of assessment across Faculties/Schools. Hi, I am going to graduate soon already, but let me tell from my experience as student in Singapore for over 15 years, what are the potential problems if exam papers are released. It depends on how the professor define “low number of students”. will they be graded on the same bell curve? #9: Thanks, Jack, for arguing very convincingly why moderation is required to smoothen the effects of exams, despite the fact that it is itself an imperfect tool for testing learning effectiveness. First Class Honours will be known as Honours (Highest Distinction), Second Class (Upper) Honours as Honours (Distinction), and Second Class (Lower) Honours as Honours (Merit). That said, it would be nice if we can emulate the SMU system of additional credit for A+ scored. I think we can control the second scenario. NUS need transparency for the exam and grading system. But in reality, not everyone will have the capability to score the full understanding in his/her subject. The University of Education Winneba, UEW operates a combination of […] I agree to this statement. Here is the list of how these points measure up to an honors’ award in order of the highest to the lowest grade. Second Class Honours, Grade 1/Merit Grade 1 At least 60% of the total marks available as specified in the approved course schedule. It is certainly not wise to end learning on handing in some scribbled script that becomes scrap paper after the grades are finalised. from personal experience, an undergrad who is usually the top 25% in the class can easily drop to bottom 40% in a class full of master students. We receive about 10,000 applications for each class of 250 students, making the College one of the most highly selective institutions in the world. A 80 marks A- 75 marks B+ 70 marks B 65 marks B- 60 marks C+ 55 marks C 50 marks (just pass) Yes. I forgot to add, most likely your final exam papers are graded by the grad students (esp Science, Com and Engineering course with class >100), and not by professors themselves. Once every three years, a pair of colleagues will sit in on classes and provide an assessment of the teaching. Perhaps, the university should consider an option for students to decide if they want to go into academia in the future and not tie the degree classification to research work so as to force students to do research. We want to encourage more students like you, to explore the bountiful learning opportunities and to enjoy them. And I would like to sample many introductory and interesting modules; yet I restrict myself because I daren’t do too much overall damage to my CAP. I don’t think it is fair for undergrads to be graded on the same curve as say, masters students or even phd students. I agree – the SMU system of giving more credit to A+, is worthy of consideration. In my humble opinion, this could allow for a more straightforward in the analysis of consistency throughout the duration of the course. Diplomacy isn’t a matter of just being nice. All inspections and adjustments must be made by a qualified technician. Further, the lecturer can also post the answers to the exam on the IVLE. Grading System; Credentials; Universities; Resources; Grading System in Singapore. Was aware that for some modules in NTU they do not really adopt the Bell Curve system, and students scored better, and had better chances (or plausibly) during employment. If one forces a a bell curve on such scenario , one will end up differentiating students based possibly on human errors instead of differences on the understanding of the subject. And for the NUS examination system to be fair, allowing students to see their graded papers is indeed necessary, even if they are not returned to them but kept by NUS after the reviewing. On the contrary, having a lenient professor would be as lucky as striking a lottery, getting an A for a whooping 12-16MC. Given that most students probably would not go into research after their graduation, i find that requirement irrelevant. Previous The University of UN Was Published Result Based on Division/Class System. University System. I have listed all the points why bell curve is unnecessary, if you do not agree to any of them, please justify them anytime. Thirdly, you said that there will be biasness in how an exam is set without bell curve system. Grading scales for secondary certificates are standard. To me CAP system has no meaning except in creating a competition among students and actually not reflecting the students knowledge turning to percentage. As of this moment it makes no difference to CAP, but I’m sure you’ll agree with me that a student with 9 A+ and 1 B+ deserves a better appraisal based on results alone than another with 9 A and 1 A-; at the moment there is no academic incentive for students for either NTU or NUS to go for A+. #28: Dear Samuel, I am glad you chose Finance because of your interest, and not because it provides an easier route to a First Class Honours. So in answer to your question, yes PhD candidates are good enough to mark exam papers although in my case, we only marked lab reports from practical classes. When you think of ideas for solar system projects, the first image that crops into your mind is that of a model of the solar system. The time constraint is to ensure that all students get their results (yes, moderated by the Department, Faculty and University) within 2 weeks after the last day of exams. I graduated from NUS in 2009. What many students are worried about is the bad luck of getting an extremely strict professor would eliminiate any chances of getting an A- or above for the FYP thesis. I will be very disappointed to have students pull stunts such as “teaching” wrong things to classmates to get themselves on the right side of the bell curve. CGPA is average grade point obtained in all subject without additional subject. For a university with the scale of NUS (i.e., 25,000 undergraduate students), it is impractical to speak of such an idealized situation. #13: I hope Jack is not saying that it had happened in NUS. Unfortunately, I cannot understand the need for an A- grade. Some university follow Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) system. #11: Dear Douglas, I am not convinced that it is easier to score an A in an arts module compared with a Science and Technology module. In order that my future junior can enjoy learning, I do wish that the university can consider revamping the system. #6: Dear Michael, grading can be very much dependent on the professor. The attitude of the NUS Administration’s “we know what’s best for you” only serves to reinforce the closed-minded and un-transparent manner policies are made, which is rather reminiscent of how things are run in Singapore in general. Lets say for a module where every student is good at the paper(Perhaps it is too easy ?) And while my earlier points may not have been too “diplomatic”, the points raised are nevertheless relevant, but were unfortunately glossed over. I have one more question about bell curves for Level 4000 modules with a significant number of graduate students. Blog.nus is brought to you by the Centre for Instructional Technology | Terms of Use | Disclaimers. First, the class size must be large enough, preferably above 30. But until the NUS administration changes, this is going to be the natural outcome of the grade game: put in just enough effort to get the grade; does it matter if I understand what I am doing or learn anything at all? CGPA Meaning – Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA). If it were otherwise, top universities would shy away from accepting our NUS students and graduates! University For Development Studies UDS Grading System GRADING SYSTEM Grade Scale Grade Description A 80.00 – 100.00 Outstanding A- 75.00 – 79.99 B 65.00 –… To me, honour system complements on how to differentiate the effectiveness of how the person understands his/her subject, people who retain the highest level of understanding can get first honour grade. NUS need transparency for the exam and grading system. I fully understand the rationale between having a thesis or FYP component, to train the students in analytical thinking and research. The stringency in grading contributes to this to some extent. Grading system in compulsory education. Previous The University of NU Was Published Result Based on Division/Class System. the bell curve will be badly skewed for the poor undergrads. #27: Thanks, Zhi Ping, I agree that some general information on general performance (alluded to in Comment #19) is good. Dear Sir, I think there is a need for NUS to define what is learning. On the other hand, if an absolute marking system were to be used, one could argue that that might also have a practical effect of teaching students that the only people they can rely on to ensure their own success is themselves, which is somewhat counterproductive to teamwork as well, albeit not as severely as the competition scenario. We have been engineering our environment for thousands of years, nowhere near to simply adapting to it. D: We need to complement exams with other instruments. In 2 semesters I failed 3 modules, got 4 D’s, 1 D+, 1 C and 1 B-. We recommend you use the more general letter grades rather than trying to convert grade averages (e.g. First class honours are awarded to students who obtain a cumulative weighted numerical average for all modules taken at NUS equivalent to a grade of A-or better; or finish in the top 10 per cent of their class. In that case, I advocate that bell curve is unnecessary in grading system, because bell curve system do not complement the effectiveness of learning. In your comments you spoke positively about many overseas universities – rest assured that we reference the best practices from many universities in the world, and I myself have had the privilege that you also had to experience these systems first-hand. It is a delicate logistics problem because the scripts are passed around the various markers. #8: David speaks of an idealized situation, perhaps achievable in a small setting, for instance, in a liberal arts university (i.e., about 4,000 to 5,000 students in total). Nanyang Technological University (NTU Singapore) - Grade Point Average (GPA) System. Computer Engineering (CE) is a multi-disciplinary program, and this requires deep knowledge in both computer science and electrical engineering. Of course, in this story, the tradeoff is painful. Topic: Humble perspective on problems surfacing if exam papers are released. What do you think about scoring students against the bell curve from the previous year’s results? You should read the comments in this blog, particularly those of Jack’s and Douglas’, as they compare the strengths and weaknesses of the bell curve. Jack also proposed shifting the module evaluation (by students) till after the exams. It was primarily meant to differentiate the performance of students. Personally, I am really disappointed that I have to abide the bell curve system; it makes my learning too competitive and makes my learning not enjoyable. Some do, and many of our Deans and Heads also teach. Contact your school or institution for an exact determination. In probability theory, the normal distribution is a continuous probability distribution that has a bell-shaped probability density function, known as the Gaussian function, or informally, the bell curve. The table below shows the percentage of each class of honours degree awarded across the UK, by year. The University of Education Wineba, UEW grading system has been set to rank the students graduating from the university in this academic year.

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